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The Fight Over Gibraltar

Gibraltar is a British territory that was captured in the 1700’s from the Spanish. The overseas territory is considered small with an area of 6.2 km2 and a population of only thirty thousand people. The territory is very important due to its position on the map. Gibraltar is a member of NATO and controls the ins and outs of the Mediterranean Sea. It also has a trade route with North African countries. The British territory has an enormous military base controlling the region and emitting supremacy over the Mediterrenean Sea.

Based on the territory’s position, Spain planned to gain control over it by attempting two sieges, The Thirteenth Siege (1727) and The Great Siege (1779-1783). The failure of both sieges was confirmed in the signing of two treaties in Saville (1729) in addition to the Treaty of Paris (1783).

After Brexit, Gibraltar’s citizens reported that there have been two Spanish military planes that have flown through Gibraltar’s airspace. Is Spain planning on another siege to regain control over the British territory, even after the failure of their previous attempts?

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