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Saudi Arabia Allows Women To Drive

For what seemed like forever, Saudi Arabia prohibited women from driving vehicles within their grounds. Regardless of the debate over whether there were any laws that restrained women from driving, females caught trying to motor vehicles were detained. Saudi women have always expressed their defiance via political movements to put an end to this prohibition. In November of 1990, the first group of female activists who tried to drive in protest was arrested for not being licensed. More recently, a Saudi female activist, with a driver’s license from the United Arab of Emirates, drove all the way to Saudi borders in hopes of being allowed to enter in her own car only to be arrested.

All of that is in the past now. Saudi Arabia is prospering as a country. The 2030 vision was first announced at a conference in April of 2016, where crown prince Mohammed Bin Salman affirmed that as part of the Saudi vision, women should be given the right to drive and that it was only a matter of time before society accepts this oncoming change.

The wait is now over. As of the 26th of September 2017, a royal announcement declared women are finally permitted to drive within the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. A powerful message is sent through this announcement, where it was made clear that females are now authorized to obtain a driver’s license at the same age as males. The Kingdom is evidently working towards equality. A society that has remained static for decades has witnessed real change; a true beacon of hope for the future of the country. We cannot wait to accomplish more of these dynamic changes.


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