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Al Qiddiya

Crown prince Mohammad Bin Salman aspires to transform Saudi Arabia to the better. Promising to return Saudi Arabia to a moderately open Islamic country, the ambitious young prince has announced that he is working on multiple projects including an entertainment, cultural, and sports involved city called Alqiddiya. Being the first entertainment hub in Saudi Arabia, Alqiddiya is going to possess the most advanced universal specifications. This project is said to be as big as 334 square meters. In support of Prince Mohammad’s 2030 vision, this project will subsidize the country as well as provide Saudi youth with more job opportunities. Citizens spend millions of dollars on entertainment abroad which retracts the country’s source of income. To promote economic and social development, this project consists of different forms of entertainment with four main focuses: sports, entertainment, hospitality, and housing.

This project will promote Saudi youth to excel in regional and international sports competitions to discover and further enhance their athletic skills. To support autodrome enthusiasts as well as people that are interested in landscaping and outdoor activities, race tracks and safe roads will be provided in the name of helping those enthusiasts practice their favorite hobbies in a beneficial and safe way. In addition, a safari will be built for those who enjoy the wilderness.

The center will have beautifully designed ultra-modern buildings and world-class hotels with a charming view and stylish design that provides comfort. It also holds prime facilities such as an exhibition, a media center, a library, meeting halls, and a general entertainment authority office. There will be two Romanian style theatres: an indoor theatre and an outdoor theatre. The reason behind building two theatres is that so it handles different climates depending on the time of the year. Large world-renowned entertainment companies such as Six Flags and Kidzania will establish franchises with Saudi. The entertainment region will also hold a variety of water parks. The most high-quality restaurants and a shopping center with high-end brands will be a big part of the project.

Saudi worked hand-in-hand with Richard Branson, investor and founder of the Virgin Group, to make an investment of $1 billion into a handful of his space companies, including Virgin Galactic, The Space Companies, and Virgin Orbit. This exciting agreement means that space travel will become a leisurely experience for the general public. Spaceflight never seemed so easy nor possible but now, Saudi Arabia is going to have a space-centric entertainment industry.

Saudi Arabia is transforming positively. The way that Prince Mohammad Bin Salman is replacing oil as the main source of income with renewable energy resources, as well as large-scale entertainment projects, is a life-changing decision for all Saudi citizens. This project, among others, is going to be revolutionary.

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