Artificial Intelligence: The Long Lasting Debate

Artificial Intelligence is the combination of hardware and software to directly portray and simulate human characteristics; they are mostly aimed to interpret the environment around them in a limited and centered domain around human behavior. Artificial Intelligence is no longer but a recurring theme in science fiction, it is becoming a reality that alarms some and thrills others. Controversies have risen about how dangerous or beneficial Artificial Intelligence could be. Recently, famous names in science and technology voiced their concerns towards this topic. However, there has also been positive feedback from leading experts saying that it could, in fact, be beneficial in things such as: the job market.


Artificial intelligence has its advantages and disadvantages. Unlike human beings, machines can take on hours of work and perform more efficiently. Many believe that replacing employees with machines could cut down on repetitive jobs- machines think faster than humans and can continuously perform the same task without getting bored or tired. Computers generally have a lower chance of making errors which means that they can perform more accurately hence their use in things such as space exploration. Not only that, but they can also handle dangerous environments better which could emphasise the lack of physical durability in human workers.


On the contrary, some famous researchers on this topic such as Stephen Hawking and Elon Musk disagree and rather think that Artificial Intelligence shows threatening behaviour and is setting us up for a dangerous future. The difficulty with programming such complexities is that there is always a certain level of error involved. Potentially, in the event that you programmed artificial intelligence to achieve a task or perform a function, it could perform this task with literal intent meaning that the margin for destructive behaviours as a consequence to this would be high, possibly leaving others at risk.


To conclude this controversial subject, I believe that precautions need to be established in such a technologically advancing era. However, I’m on the neutral spectrum towards Artificial Intelligence. Even though it could have the potential to reform a societal functionality in the near future, it is unclear whether artificial intelligence will act as a permanent substitute for direct human labour but it is something to be wary of and asses with appropriate measure when the advancement comes.

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